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The safety and security of construction sites are of the utmost importance. These sites can easily be victims of theft and vandalism and you can sustain substantial monetary losses as a result. People might think that there is nothing worth stealing but even the simplest equipment is quite expensive. SGSS Security Guards offers services to keep your construction sites safe. Our Security services will secure your site from potential theft, burglary, and vandalism.

Our surveillance systems:

There are a number of benefits to our site security service. Our team of security guards monitors the site and works actively to prevent harmful or illegal activities from happening in the first place.

Even though we provide guards at your construction site, there are things that may go unnoticed by them. But you can be sure that nothing goes unnoticed from the expert eyes of our surveillance team who vigilantly observe your site via the CCTV cameras installed in the area. If an unwanted person gets into the construction site, we immediately inform our patrol guards who will take appropriate action. The careful surveillance of our team greatly reduces the likelihood of any untoward incident happening on the site.

Even if an incident of theft or vandalism does occur at your property, footage from CCTV cameras can help you make a strong case against the perpetrators of the crime. You would be able to present solid evidence in the shape of CCTV footages and it would help to solidify your case to a great extent. This way, you will also be able to claim insurance and get compensation for your loss.

With CCTV surveillance, you can secure the most vulnerable and sensitive areas of your construction site