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Ensure The Safety Of Your Business With Our Corporate Security Services In Texas.

In today’s world, where crime rates are reaching alarming limits, the security of businesses has become a major concern. Regardless of whether you own a factory, office or a retail store, corporate security services have become a necessity in the United States. SGSS Security Guards offers state of the art corporate security for businesses of all sizes and promises to protect you and your premises at all costs.

As corporate businesses grow, their profit, premises and the number of their employees increases too. As a result, expanding businesses need excellent security measures to match up with the growth of their business. Our security experts have extensive experience in delivering comprehensive security to multiple corporate clients and therefore they are ideal candidates to design a watertight security solution for your business as well.


At SGSS Security our goal is to fulfill all of your security needs. We come up with a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of your business’s security. Our highly-trained security guards know exactly what is expected of them and they vigilantly ensure your premises are protected at all times. A list of our corporate security services can include the following:

• Reception duties
• Manned patrols
• Access control
• Maintaining visitor logs

Our guards have worked in a range of situations and therefore, they are easily able to integrate with your team. They will not only advise you on how to best approach security but will actively implement the plans we come up with.

Why hire us?

Our comprehensive security services can benefit you and your business in a number of ways. We keep a vigilant eye on your premises while you devote your time and energy elsewhere. Here are all the reasons as to why you should hire us:

• We provide professionally trained guards in conjunction with high-end technical equipment
• You get total peace of mind by knowing that your premises are in good and reliable hands
• We are qualified

Contact us:

If you want to hire us to safeguard your corporate premises, get all the details by calling us at 713-438-2257.