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Our goal is to provide our clients with world-class security guard services that will give them peace of mind and ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and properties. All our security officers are trained to identify threats, assess risk situations, make effective split-second decisions, spot unusual behaviors, and prevent potential crime incidents.

Transforming our security approach from “reactive” to “proactive” requires a deep understanding of corporate security, why it matters, and how to build the strongest defense possible.

The corporate and office environment is an area in which the security officer is responsible not only to secure the premises, but to represent the face of your business to the world. At SGSS Security we offer reliable, professional, and service orientated security guards to deal with your security requirements who are the most suitable for the role. Our guards possess the following skills:

  • A good understanding of written and spoken English
  • Capable of answering phone calls or switchboards and re-directing calls
  • Experienced in conducting patrols in a professional manner
  • Customer service and safety are our key morals.
  • Skilled with thinking on their feet
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Possess a responsible and mature nature
  • Qualified in operating computer systems


We believe in providing our clients with excellent customer service along with a specialized security service. We allocate a dedicated client manager who is wholly responsible for ensuring the highest level of service delivery is provided to your site. They will conduct regular meetings with your team to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of trusting us to secure your site and how we can help you further.

As well as securing your site, our guards will also ensure that your building remains in a safe and operational position. Whilst patrolling the site, our guard will ensure that:

  • All windows are closed and locked
  • Bathroom taps are shut and not overflowing
  • Entry and exit points are clear from safety hazards
  • There are no signs of fire or gas leaks


Our guards will note all incidents found on their patrols in the logbook we provide them with. This will then be conveyed to your staff at the point of hand over or, in the event of an emergency to your out of hours contact number.